Emotion #5: Embarrassment


Every had one of those moments where you wish you could crawl under a rock?  We get that a lot.  My skin is definitely getting thicker, but some moments are still really trying.

In trying to be the super-fun parents we like to sometimes think we are, we took our kids to a holiday themed exhibit to see Santa, get our annual picture together, and check out the activities.  I like to think that I am getting so much better at being prepared for all scenarios and what could go right/wrong/horribly wrong, and I totally missed the mark on this occasion.

In years’ past, we went near closing time, when most other families had gone.  This year, we went right after lunch.  Also in the past, we went earlier in the season.  This year, it was the last full week before Christmas.  Double FAIL.

We absolutely set ourselves up for the embarrassment that ensued when someone was flipping out about waiting in lines….LONG lines.  It took nearly 30 minutes to get to Santa, so he and my husband went and played while I waited with our daughter (who, even as a neuro-typical child was not thrilled to wait).  But, when it was finally our turn, he walked right up and plopped himself down next to Santa and gave him a big cheesy grin.  That was our moment of sunshine in this storm cloud of chaos.

The last thing we “had” to do was go down this big slide and the line was at least 100 people long.  This just totally knocked any semblance of composure out of our child.  He was screaming and carrying on much like a much younger child would do.  Here’s our “crawl-under-a-rock” moment.  Parents naturally judge other parents anyway, but when you have a nearly 4 year old who is very tall for his age, thus looks much older, who’s screaming and crying……judgey-eyes attack.  As a mom you know what most  of them are thinking: Can’t they control their child?/They need to parent better./I can’t believe they let their kid throw a tantrum and still get his way…..blah, blah, blah.  I’m totally guilty of it as well….which is maybe why I can let it roll off a little better than my husband, who was absolutely horrified.

So, we made it down the slide, got the hell outta there, and once in the car, and order was restored to our world.  I know that won’t even be close to our last embarrassing moment.  We have an airplane ride coming up soon.  It’ll be a toss up who causes more of a disturbance: our ASD son, or wily NT daughter.  I’m betting on my daughter.


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