Monthly Archives: January 2013

Emotions #6 and 7: Exhaustion with Gratefulness


I know that exhaustion is more of a physical feeling…but honestly, some days it’s totally normal to feel both physically and emotionally/mentally drained.  Maybe it’s the frigid, gloomy wintry weather, maybe it’s potty training that some days clicks so well and others is a complete struggle, or maybe it’s the fact that the little Mr. finally learned how to open his tricky bedroom door.

The door thing might be the most exhausting as it has resulted in less sleep for us at night and now no quiet time or anywhere for him to stay and “cool down” if he needs it.  Sadly, he’s smarter than the kid-proof door handles.  That gem of a solution bought a whole 2 minutes during yesterday’s quiet time.

The potty stuff was going SO SO well, aside from pooping (which I have read many places takes so much longer anyway).  But, then we had some germs, which messed with his system, and then we went on vacation where he was in a swim suit 95% of every day, and then we came home and got more germs.  Overall, I do feel happy with our 2 month progress, but anytime he’s ready to just use a toilet full time, we will all be thrilled!

Sometimes it can be so exhausting to not get many words out of him.  The funniest part is that he knows how to speak and knows how to ask for stuff.  But, his brain works in a way that he also knows how little vocabulary he can use to get what he wants.  I’m not sure how they do it at school, but I make him rephrase pretty much every request in the form of a full sentence (ex: “Milk.” from him has to become “Can/May I have some milk please?”).  And he can do it with no problem…..but chooses not to on his own.

If we think about these little hiccups in our daily life, they might sometimes be big to us, but are still relatively minor in the grand scheme of what could be.  Our son does typically sleep decently at night (and he’s almost 4 so maybe I need to just let go of the nap/quiet time thing anyway…).  He does use a toilet sometimes. He went up over 40% in success on his speech goals during the 2nd 9 weeks of school.  That’s HUGE. It also means they do see what we see when we push him to use his words.  It’s so easy to focus on what’s wrong or hard, but we are very thankful for the things that he is able to accomplish and that’s he’s got so many people working with him right now…..but we do still feel pretty tired….a LOT. 🙂