Emotion #8: Sadness


Well I got a full wave of sadness putting my little man to bed tonight.  Today was just a hard day…for a lot of reasons.  His teacher told us this was his worst day.  Of the YEAR.  Many things went wrong from potty trips to sharing, to getting physical once the sensory overload and stress from everything got to be too much.  He seemed to have blown it off when he got home, though there was still some snippy behavior through the afternoon.

He’s over-tired, because once I posted about how lucky we are with his sleeping, it really spiraled out of control.  So, with being extra tired, that certainly isn’t helping him to have a nice day at school, and then he’s more likely to get upset about anything and everything there or at home.  

So today was difficult.  I was putting him to bed and he was a little weepy anyway (being too tired and all), and he just gave me this look.  I looked back at him and said “I know today was hard, but Daddy and I love you SO much.  Tomorrow will be better.”  And as I told him this, his bottom lip turned down and started to quiver, and tears appeared in his eyes. He’s only 3.5 and he gets it.  That just broke my heart.  

I know that there will be many hard days ahead, but it makes me so sad that he already is tuned in to them.  But I promised him tomorrow would be better, and I am going to make darn sure it is.


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