“I Am Listening…”


Sometimes I have to remind myself that inside of my quiet little boy, things are in fact ticking away quite normally.  I know this for many reasons.  His subtle reactions to things, or asking for a particular item later on after it’s been mentioned.  There’s also the previous post where my sweet little guy knew he was sad about his difficult day.

There have been many times when my husband and I have discussed things about our child in front of him, or when family members on the phone have asked how he’s doing, we usually give the answer even if he’s in the room.  My mom has chastised me several times for this, and it took a long time to truly sink in.  He is listening.  He does understand.  I tell people how smart he is all the time, so why don’t I always acknowledge it?

This recent article sums things up pretty well, but the bottom line is that just because my son doesn’t communicate the way most people do, it doesn’t mean he’s not listening to the world around him.


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