Emotion #9: Frustration


Frustration seems to be the emotion du jour every day these days.  Things are stagnant or even spiralling backwards right now.  Once constant sleeping through the night is sporadic at best, potty training has been entirely derailed and he cares even less (if that was even possible!) than he did before.  School behavior has been atrocious, and is worse on days when the sleep has been lacking.  There’s now hitting, kicking, and pushing in our world, none of which were things we used to see.  It’s all just SO frustrating.

This makes it sound like there’s never any reprieve and that’s not true.  We DO have good days.  Usually those days follow good sleep.  Yesterday was a great day.  There were no tantrums, he was “completely on” at school according to his teacher, he was cooperative at every turn.  He had also taken an hour nap the previous afternoon and then slept 11 hours (unheard of!) straight through the night.

Sleep is obviously the key to a lot of our “mess” right now, but how to get it to be consistent is a whole different issue.  Yikes.


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