Emotion #10: Triumph!


Is triumph really an emotion?  I don’t know…but today I’m counting it!  Last week was spring break and the 2 weeks leading up to that were fully of incredibly inconsistent school behavior for my little man.  I know he’s not yet 4, and I know it’s “just” preschool, but having been a teacher for a decade, I expect big things, autism or not.  

So, having pretty much determined that a good night’s sleep was our biggest ally in the fight against jerky behavior at school, I was super rigid about getting both kids to sleep at a decent hour last night  (*Note: I am always pretty rigid about bedtimes, but this was to the point of leaving a family Easter/birthday gathering very early).  

I am so pleased to say that we were given an EXCELLENT report from school today.  He was “totally on” as his teacher said, compliant, kind, and happy.  Hooray!!  You never know how any child will react after a full week away from school routines, so I had reason to be nervous about that in itself.  

Definitely a victorious feeling in our house today!


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