Emotion #12: Worry


I had a nice piece of my morning filled with worry today.  Something was just “off” when the little guy got up this morning.  He didn’t have his usual spunk, wanted to lay in our bed for a bit, and asked to drink WATER instead of milk (gasp!).  But, he pepped up a little bit, so we got ready for school like always.  He was happy to ride in the car and be on our way.

However, when it was drop off time, he was not having it.  He refused to get out of the car, which meant I had to climb to the back of the van and basically drag him out.  He was crying, I was trying to calm him, and his class’ aide was trying to help get him in tune with their daily routine.  I finally had to pick him up to get him to stop crying.  And he did.  Briefly.  He wanted me to go in with him, which was obviously not going to happen, so I set him down and the crying resumed.  Since I knew for sure that he wanted me to go in, I just said goodbye and drove away, windows down, listening to my baby crying.  😦

I couldn’t fully leave, so I did a quick loop and “hid” among other cars in the lot.  I watched as not 1 but 3 other adults from the school came out to try and help.  I could still hear him crying from as far away as I was, and just kept willing him with ESP to get it together.  It took several minutes, and I’m sure LOTS of talk about what they would be doing inside, but he finally got up and went in with the teachers.  It was at that time I was starting to get upset myself, and the director of the program totally peeped me out and gave me a thumbs up, signaling that things were on the up and up.

But of course, I’m a mom and I worry.  While on the phone with my husband, I managed a full crying breakdown about how sad it was to drive away and not be able to stay and help, and the worry about how his school day would go from this point.

So….I worried.  For the next solid hour.  My phone rang and I immediately recognized the school’s phone number.  Luckily, my worry was put to rest by his teacher kindly calling to tell me that he had completely recovered and was happily going about the regular day with the rest of his class.  She said he’d even been greeted by a classmate with a hug AND he hugged back!  Such a relief!  We were once again reminded of how lucky we are for him to be in an environment with such a caring and hardworking staff!


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