One Year Later


It’s pretty weird to think that today it has been a full year since the educational diagnosis.  Like I’ve said before, it really didn’t change anything at the time.  We expected the diagnosis.  We had already been working on things and trying new tactics because of EI.  But then the EI stopped about a week or so later (because of his 3rd birthday).  So that was a little weird.  But, we kept moving right along as normal and pretty much ignored that anything had happened til school started in August.

My husband and I were just talking recently about if we think things are really that different from where we were a year ago.  I was inclined to say no.  But he was able to list many many things that have progressed or improved.  Maybe I’m just “too close” to the project.  Of course, I agreed with the things he was saying, but I really wasn’t able to come up with it on my own.  Here are some great progressions in the last 365 days:

  • much more talking/vocabulary/labeling/sentences/requesting with words, especially in the last few weeks.  I can just give a “look” now when he only uses one word, and he will automatically rephrase in the form of a full sentence/question.
  • much less rigid.  Any changes to routine used to throw him off or send him into a tailspin (i.e. leaving fun places, having to go certain places, not getting something he wants right away).  The best example is going somewhere like the park.  He used to get super-pissed to leave.  But now, complies right away or initiates leaving himself.  
  • along with being less rigid, he’s also able to adapt to several routines.  It took a long time to get used to school (which is obviously SO different from home), but he has done so well.  They have even changed the way they do things a few times this year because of more and more students joining, and he has gone with the flow every time. 

So, there have been changes for the better, which I need to remind myself of.  It’s very easy to get so caught up in daily life anyway, so I have to remember to enjoy these victories, no matter how teeny.  I also have to remind myself that each of these improvements have taken TIME.

We had his IEP meeting yesterday and are so happy with the goals laid out for next school year.  Everyone who works with him had lots of positives to share and we know will work diligently to get him as ready as possible for kindergarten.  Thank goodness we have another year with all of this strong support!!  We were also really excited to learn that based on his progress, their recommendation was to stick with his same teacher.  I wouldn’t agree with that in older grades, but for right now, it is absolutely the best decision.  Good plans are in place which we hope will really set him up for great successes this last month of school and next school year.


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