Double Dip Potty Training


We are going for it.  Double potty training……as in, my 4 year old and 2 year old at the same time.  With d-day for #3 looming not so far off in the distance, we are operating under a short time frame before having to wait.  Our doctor said if they don’t “have it” by June 30th, cut our losses til after September.  That would mean there would be a few months of 3 kids in diapers, and we are hoping to avoid that (I mean, who wouldn’t want to avoid that?!?).

It was super-disappointing that our original potty progress was derailed this winter.  The “anxiety” he was supposedly having at school that required us to send him to school in pull-ups just made him lazy and complacent.  After a few weeks, he wasn’t going at all at home anymore.  I THINK he still did sometimes at school, but it wasn’t like they were giving me the run down of his potty breaks each day.  So, I went ahead and gave myself permission to be lazy and complacent as well.

But now, it’s go time.  We have been in the throes of potty training since Sunday.  As of today, there have been a LOT of accidents….but we have also had some nice successes.  It’s pretty amazing how seeing your child pee on the potty ONE time can erase a day’s worth of accidents from your mind.  And it is also amazing how bonkers repeated accidents can nearly bring me to my breaking point.  Right now, our biggest hurdle is the p-double o.  The little mister has always been very against doing it in a toilet, and so that makes it extra challenging to get little sis to jump on board.  

He is basically back in the same place he was at the peak of our progress: little to no objection about peeing on a toilet, occasional accidents when busy doing something more preferable, and no poop on the toilet.  

My daughter, however, is a complete roller coaster of progress: A day of all accidents and one pee success, followed by the complete reverse (one accident and the rest successes….but poo withholding).  Repeat over the following 2 days…..She did manage to use the potty at the babysitter’s, so that’s good.  

We just think that if ONE of them gets totally on board, the other will follow suit……and we’ll keep thinking that until proven wrong. 🙂


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