Emotion #13: Excitement


There are plenty of reasons to get excited….usually they involve some kind of new skill learned or a breakthrough of some sort.  I could be excited that I have 2 kids who are peeing (only) on the potty…..I could be excited some of the little activities I made were enjoyed by my son.  I could be excited that we still have another week before the inevitable battles that will come with trying out the summer school program.  But today is excitement for myself.  I read over the weekend that Temple Grandin is coming HERE.  Apparently this was announced back in April, but I never knew.  Anyway, she will be here for a lecture one month from now!

Having read 4 of her books and seen the movie (which, incidentally, if you haven’t seen, you should.  I have kept it on my DVR for at least 2 years now.), I have learned a lot about autism spectrum disorders and the way some of these kids/people think.  A lot of the most helpful ways that she learned and processed things sound so much like my little Buggy.  I have heard from many sources that hearing her speak in person is simply incredible.

SO…tickets are purchased for my mom and me….now I just need baby 3 to cooperate and keep cooking without any problems so we can actually attend.


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