Emotion #14: Wrath


I’ve never been particularly known for my sense of calm, but have definitely toned down in my adult years.  However, when it comes to my kids and their well-being, my wrath can explode.

The kids and I were having a nice, probably last pre-new baby trip to our local park and it was great.  Both were trying new things there and it was fun to see them learning something and being adventurous.  There were 2 other groups of kids, and every other person there was older than my 2.

One kid had some random toys with him and was playing with them off to the side.  Buggy finally took notice and went over.  I wasn’t far away, and saw him reach for the little kite this other kid was holding.  The kid, who was next to his mom or babysitter started yelling at my child saying “It’s MINE!  Get OFF!”  I get not wanting some stranger to come up to you and grab your things, but when you are 2 full feet taller and CLEARLY older, there are better ways to handle the situation.  As I’m running over saying “Let go!  Let go!” the kid winds up and full on pushes my son.  ALL WHILE THE OTHER GROWNUP IS 1 FOOT AWAY.  She was being super-helpful and saying “That’s not yours, let go….”

So now I have my hands on the junky toy, getting him to let go, and felt like I stepped out of my body as I had to utter “Don’t push him!  He doesn’t understand!  He’s autistic!”  Are you freaking kidding me?  You’re obviously at least first grade age, maybe older and you’re pushing a kid who is way younger than you?  I was beyond pissed, and still am.

Then, as we are walking away so I can make sure my 2 year old isn’t leaping off of the structure, the woman has the audacity to say “He understands, he has an autistic sister.”

Yep.  He’s got a great mastery of acceptance if he thinks it’s ok to push little kids.

It took a lot of restraint for me to say nothing and leave.

I know that this all could have been avoided if my own child had a better understanding of sharing and not taking things from other people, but it still doesn’t make someone being mean to my child (who was smiling and giggling at the sight of this stupid kite) ok with me.  The whole way to the car and home was spent repeating over and over “We don’t take other people’s things.  You have to ask to play with someone’s stuff.”  My guess is that nothing constructive was said to the other kid.  Thanks, kid, for tainting this nice moment with my children.


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  1. Very valid wrath. I am sitting here feeling wrath for you. UGH. I hate meanies on the playground, especially older, bigger meanies!

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