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More Good Reads


Yet another post by my fav, the author of Life with Greyson, who was featured today on Huffington Post.  In the last couple months, their story has really started taking off and was even on NBC Nightly News!

This one is actually a list of articles by one autism mom.  Lots of good information! 




I didn’t make it to Temple Grandin.  Wouldn’t you know that my doctors were finally ready to send me in to be induced on the same night?  I KNEW it would happen that way as soon as I had purchased those tickets.  But, welcoming baby #3 was much higher on my list than the lecture, naturally.

I didn’t want the tickets to be wasted and insisted that my mom still go.  Luckily, my mother-in-law was also able to go and the 2 grandmas had a nice little date.  We were certain there would be no baby news til at least morning, so they were good to go!

They said it was a great experience.  There was a book signing beforehand, and I had told my mom that it wasn’t necessary, but that I thought it would be really neat to have something signed to my little guy.  So she picked out one of the available Temple Grandin books for sale (that she knew I hadn’t read) there and they waited in line to meet her and get the book signed.  They said they got to witness some neat interactions between Temple Grandin and other guests and that her talk was so informative and helpful.  Nice to know that they could both have that opportunity if I couldn’t!  It is so special, too, that now we have this signed copy by one of the most notable people in the autism world.


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