Emotion #17: Relief


Whew…{deep breath out}….we made it through the holidays!  I thought a LOT about this for several weeks leading up (I suppose this post could have also been “anxiety,” but I’ll save that for another day).  There were many variables to consider as the holidays loomed and it required planning, conversations with several different people to work out details for different events, hiding/moving/removing gifts, lots of explaining and talking to both of my “big” kids about what/why/how things would be happening.

There were no full-blown meltdowns at any holiday function, and behavior was actually really good considering the lack of routine with no school.  They all even did well with messed up bed times when we were at others’ houses.   It was really nice to hear from some family members how much they think our little guy has grown up, changed, and how different he seems (in a good way) since they had last seen him.  It is always nice to hear that, especially since we sometimes can’t tell, being too close to the project and all.

We did have to decline one holiday party which I knew would be setting my son up to fail: loud, crowded, people he doesn’t really know, having to participate in an organized program, and then having to wait his turn to sit on Santa’s lap…so that was a bummer, but all of us ended up being sick (again) that weekend anyway, so we would have had to cancel.

All in all, we are just so happy that things went smoothly, we got to spend lots and lots of quality time with family, our kids LOVED Christmas and opening presents.  I’ll say it again…WHEW.


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