The Road to Mainstream Kindergarten: ABA Therapy


After many many months of waiting for insurance and billing hiccups, we started ABA (or Applied Behavior Analysis) therapy with C.  ABA is a type of behavior therapy widely used with autistic kids to help them learn appropriate behaviors and eliminate problematic ones.  We are very hopeful that this is a good course for us as we try to assimilate as much as possible to a mainstream school setting.

Initially, therapy was 6 hours a week.  After a month or so, we noticed that problem behaviors were creeping back in to the school setting and home.  I feel that it was due to him wanting to find something he could control, so he started acting out in those places since he couldn’t at therapy.  The suggestion to us was to bump up the hours, something I was hesitant to do because I wasn’t sure how our little guy would handle a full day of hard work with both therapy and school.  He is currently attending therapy every morning to total 15 hours, and school 4 out of 5 afternoons.  Needless to say, he is a busy and tired boy.  But, 3 weeks in to this new schedule, he is handling the heavy load very well.

Since the hour increase, it seems as though things are getting a little better.  The tantrum-type scenarios are shorter and shorter in all 3 settings, and he has relaxed a little bit.  At home when he really wants something, he is more accepting if the answer is “no” or “not now.”  Once school is over next week, we will be bumping up hours again to our max approved by insurance to 25 throughout the summer months.


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