The Road to Mainstream Kindergarten: Additional Conference


I had a request by the director of the preschool (who I also learned that day is one of 2 special needs coordinators for the district…um, where have I been for the last 2 years???) to come in for a conference. She thought that having just the two of us sit down may help us regroup without everyone trying to give their input and opinions at once. I totally agreed.

We sat and chatted about how the next couple months would go down: the transition meeting with school personnel from the elementary as well as current teachers, summer upkeep of skills, ABA therapy, summer camp, etc. One of the things we discussed was that the transition meeting was probably a bad idea right now.

The idea of the transition meeting is to better plan out goals, the school day minute by minute, how long he will actually be in the school building, and I’m sure a lot of other stuff. There’s so much planned for the summer that we feel it could be shorting him to make plans for the kid he is right this minute. I also think that at the end of a school year isn’t really when teachers are getting all hyped about incoming kids. To these people who don’t yet know him, he is the unruly kid they may have seen on one of his visits or just what they can read on a piece of paper.  Plus, he changed immensely over last summer, so who’s to say he won’t do something similar again?  I wish I could take credit for thinking of postponing this, but it wasn’t my idea…I just thought of all these things after the fact.

We are so hopeful of all the possibilities for what growth we could see by August, but trying not to pin everything on it.


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