The Road to Mainstream Kindergarten: Evaluation


Most schools have some kind of intake evaluation they give to their incoming students.  We were contacted last week by the elementary school to schedule a time for us to go in.  Honestly, we weren’t sure how effective of a reading on C they’d get considering he doesn’t always respond to people who are talking to him or asking questions.  

Getting in the building yesterday was a treat with all 3 kids and a Sit ‘N Stand stroller, but we made it….through 2 sets of doors, and then an elevator (have I mentioned this school is enormous?).  C wouldn’t ride the elevator, so someone walked him up the stairs for me.  He wasn’t very receptive initially, but did sit down.  I walked in the room (even though I wasn’t supposed to) to tell him to listen and sit, and after a few more minutes, he did.  I couldn’t hear anything going on once back in the hall, but the occasional “good job,” or “that’s right” kind of comment. 

Twenty minutes later, one of two women who had been working with him walked him out.  “He’s very high,” she told me, and I nodded back.  “He was zipping through the words…I’ve only had one other child do that so far and he was way faster than she was” (Internal horn tooting going off in my brain at this time).  I just said I hoped that we would be able to get the behavior part under control so that he can do the “school” part, because we know he’s so smart.  She said,”You can totally work with this….He knows more now than some outgoing 1st graders.”  Phew.  I was certain he wouldn’t be able to show what he knew, but he did!  Small victories….


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